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Project S.O.S. program to offer alternate distribution options

The Banquet’s S.O.S. program to offer alternate distribution options

(Sioux Falls) – With the current pandemic ongoing, S.O.S. is continuing to supply the students in need in the Sioux Empire for the upcoming 2020/2021 school year.  The Banquet is partnering with the Helpline Center to create an online signup process which will coordinate delivery or pickup of backpacks to individuals and families. For more information go to or or call 605-335-7066 for The Banquet or 211 for the Helpline Center.  Signups are available to begin today.  The physical distribution of backpacks will happen from August 10-22 at our main building on 8th Street and Indiana Avenue.  

You Must sign up on The Banquet website, or call 211 or 605-335-7066

For more information contact:

Mary Hays Reichelt
Special Events Coordinator


Tamera Jerke-Liesinger
Executive Director


Andrew Hewitt
Development & Marketing Director
The Banquet

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