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Hy-Vee, Avera & Dean Foods Supply Milk for 2018!

Christmas Came Early for The Banquet

Hy-Vee, Avera & Dean Foods Supply Milk for 2018!

The Banquet serves 8,000 gallons of milk each year to people who seek food and fellowship at The Banquet. Thanks to Hy-Vee, Inc., with the help of Avera Health and Dean Foods, that milk will be given to The Banquet in 2018.

 “This is a Christmas blessing!” said Tamera Jerke-Liesinger, The Banquet’s Executive Director. “Milk is a huge expense for The Banquet, and this gift will save us thousands of dollars this year.” 

Our faithful donors who have contributed financially to The Banquet’s milk fund will now be asked to help us with other necessities such as electricity and other utility bills, serving supplies for Banquet West, our satellite location, and cleaning and office supplies.  The Banquet relies solely on private donations to keep its doors open.

“At home, we drink water but at The Banquet we drink milk,” – 6 year old Banquet guest.

Please Help Support The Banquet with your financial contributions in 2018

The following is a snapshot of The Banquet’s monthly costs:


Utilities:           $4,500 per month                                Telephone:       $450 per month

Insurance:        $25,000 annually                                 Garbage:          $550 per month

                              Postage:           $300 per month                                   Printing:           $350 per month

Admin Supplies:          $150 per month

Banquet West Rent:        $1,800 per month

Maintenance & Repairs: $35,000 annually