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The Banquet News
Covid 19 Response


The Banquet has taken the Covid 19 health alert very seriously and following CDC recommendations has changed how we serve our guests. We now serve meals at the door in to go containers and will do so until the pandemic warnings have been cleared. This requires fewer people to serve the meal; however, many groups have canceled so we are relying upon our Banquet Angels and other community members to prep and serve our 16 meals a week.  Each meal requires 6 people to prepare the meal and 6-8 to serve. 

We have also taken the follow steps:
a. we thoroughly clean and sanitize our buildings after every meal
b. are diligent in providing  and wearing gloves and masks
c. practice social distancing as much as possible.

People who are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 are asked not to volunteer at this time.   

If you would like to volunteer you may join our Banquet Angels by texting Angels to 605-413-1971 or call our office at 335-7066