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Buy a seat at The Banquet Table

Boy Being Served

A perfect gift for someone who has everything

Dwight, Audrey, Jane and David make their way to The Banquet several times a week for a hot, nutritious meal… and conversation. Although their conversations are quite lively, you’ll never hear a peep from them.  They are hearing impaired and enjoy gathering to share a meal together.

Terry, a widower with two children, turns to The Banquet several times a month to help with the grocery bills.  When the weather is nice, you’ll see Kayla making her way to The Banquet via her motorized wheelchair. During cold, windy or rainy days she uses paratransit.  These people all rely on The Banquet for food, fellowship and friendship.  The volunteers treat them with dignity, compassion and respect.  This combination is a recipe for Love. “There’s like no other feeling when I come to The Banquet. People like to see me, they care about me,” said Todd. 

This Christmas, as you’re trying to figure out what to buy for your parents, in-laws, adult children, your boss, employees or others who seem to “have it all” please consider buying a seat at The Banquet table for $1.00 per day for one year in their honor. A $365 gift to The Banquet will help provide meals, milk, coffee and juice; food and equipment, staffing and building costs. Gifts will be recognized in The Banquet’s dining room and a certificate will be sent to the recipient of the gift. You may pay this donation of $30.42 a month or $91.24 per quarter. 

This is a unique gift idea that will greatly benefit the hundreds of hungry people who turn to The Banquet to feed their families.  Thank you for your time, talents and treasure. The Banquet could not serve 200,000 meals each year without the support of this wonderful community. Peace & Blessings this Christmas season.